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Latest Plug-ins Update News

Paint Weights 1.04 : Fixed an issue that could cause a display size mismatch between the bones in Layout viewports and the bones in weight painting mode, in some cases when opening the tool in LightWave 2018.0.1 or later.

Heat Shrink Plus 1.02 : Added a new small tutorial into the reference document. Enjoy modeling more.

Paint Weights 1.03 : Fixed a problem that the Combine Weight Maps command could cause LightWave to hang or crash since LightWave 2018.

Paint Weights 1.02 : The Visibility drop down menu offers three options, Wire-framed Points, Weight Shaded Solid, and Weight Shaded Solid Wire, for determining how the weights of a selected object are shown in weight painting mode. The font size of characters for showing weight values can be increased and decreased by using the Point Size slider. You can quickly hide or unhide the bones of your character in weight painting mode, by clicking the Bone toggle button.

Paint Weights 1.01 : Fixed a bug that the Bind Mesh command could cause LightWave to crash in some cases if you used this command with an object including Skelegons, 1-point polygons and/or 2-point polygons.

Cage Deformer 1.09 : Fixed a bug that the whole or portions of an object disappeared in rare case if you used 2-point polygons as a cage.

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